Sunday, April 6, 2008

Glossary (under construction)

Georgette Heyer (p.6): very popular romance and historical novelist; see this site for excerpts of her work; Heyer died in 1972

iron lung (p.7): a non-invasive medical ventilator (technically known as a negative pressure ventilator) used to treat patients in respiratory failure in the early to mid 20th centrury and is often associated with the polio outbreaks of this time; the iron lung has been widely replaced by the mechanical ventilator

The High Chaparral (p.8): a western/action television series that took place in Arizona in the 1870s; episodes centered around the Cannon family who owned the ranch the show was named after; this American series was very popular in Europe; ran for four seasons from 1967-1971

Scott of the Antarctic (p.11): 1948 film that told the true story of British explorer Robert Falcon Scott’s treacherous expedition to the South Pole

PMT (p.12): premenstrual tension; another way of referring to PMS

Gary Glitter (p.13): an English pop/rock singer and performer; from his website: “Gary Glitter is not just a superstar - he is a phenomenon whose life, both private and public, mirrors his extravagant, controversial and over the top, but always entertaining, live performances.”

paracetamol (p.14): mild pain reliever known as acetaminophen in the US; ie: Tylenol; pronounced para-see-ta-mol

barley cup (p.14): a caffeine free beverage used as a coffee substitute; made of barley and other grains; it is freeze dried and used like instant coffee

Rescue Remedy (p.15): an all natural substance made of flower essences that is used for stress and anxiety relief; its original form is a liquid that is dissolved in a glass of water before drinking, but it is now also sold as a spray, a cream, and as lozenges

beta blockers (p.15): prescription drug with many indications, most commonly high blood pressure, glaucoma, and migraines; may be prescribed for generalized anxiety disorder

carbonade of beef (p.15): beef stew

yogic flying (p.16): check it out here

Shreddies (p.19): malted, whole grain wheat breakfast cereal

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